The association welcomes all interested parties to submit proposals for lectures at the 2018 NFL Symposium on the theme of Professional Languages ​​in Nordic Dictionaries . Read more here .

Also note that the registration deadline for the 14th Conference on Lexicography in the Nordic Region in Reykjavík 30 May – 2 June is 15 April 2017 . Read more here .

Nordic Association for Lexicography (NFL) / Nordic Association for Lexicography

The Nordic Association for Lexicography (NFL) is a professional association of Nordic lexicographers whose purpose is to develop practical and scientific dictionary work in the Nordic countries and to promote Nordic co-operation on lexicography. The association was founded in Oslo in 1991 in connection with the first Conference on lexicography in the Nordic countries.

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The Nordic Association for Lexicography has approximately 230 members. A large majority of these are individuals, but some lexicographic institutions and book publishers have also signed up as members. NFL membership includes subscriptions to LexicoNordica magazine.

The board of the NFL emphasizes that the association’s activities contribute to strengthening linguistic co-operation in the Nordic countries. From the very beginning, the association had worked closely with the Nordic Language Secretariat in Oslo, which took on the association’s secretariat functions, was a co-organizer of the Nordic lexicography conferences and in many other ways provided support for the association’s activities. From 1997, there was a reorganization of Nordic language co-operation, and the Nordic Language Council took over the tasks. Following another reorganization in 2004, the association is now cooperating with the Nordic Language Council and most recently Nordic Language Coordination.