The NFL has its own journal (LexicoNordica), publishes the publication series Nordic Studies in Lexicography (with contributions from the Nordic lexicographic conferences) and occasionally also publishes individual publications. The publications are peer-reviewed. Read more about the individual publications below.

All issues of LexicoNordica and Nordic Studies in Lexicography are freely available in electronic form and can be read online as OCR-scanned, searchable PDFs: LexicoNordica here and Nordic Studies in Lexicography here . However, the two most recent issues of LexicoNordica are not available online, and the latest issue of Nordic Studies in Lexicography is not yet online.

The publications can be purchased as a printed book by contacting the association’s secretary: Rikke Hauge, Language Council


In 1994, the association began publishing a Nordic lexicographical journal, LexicoNordica. In addition to lexicographic contributions in the form of articles – partly related to a specific theme in each issue – workshop reports and announcements from the NFL, particular emphasis is placed on reviews and brief mentions of new dictionaries in the journal. The magazine is approx. 300-400 pages. LexicoNordica’s editorial staff expects that the journal will be able to contribute to a higher quality of reviews of Nordic dictionaries, to the benefit of lexicographers and the publishing industry. It is also worth emphasizing that many reviews have a theoretical value where lexicographical theories and issues are assessed in relation to concrete dictionary work. All contributions are peer-reviewed. All issues of LexicoNordica, except the last two, here (see also direct link to some issues below).


LexicoNordica is organized by an editorial committee consisting of representatives from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. In accordance with the association’s articles of association, the members of the editorial committee are elected by the general meeting for a period of 4 years. The current editorial committee is composed as follows:

Nordic Studies in Lexicography

Nordic Studies in Lexicography is the association’s peer – reviewed writing series (with contributions from the Nordic conferences in lexicography). All issues of Nordic Studies in Lexicography are freely available in electronic form and can be read online as OCR-scanned, searchable PDFs here. However, the latest issue is not yet available.

Single releases

Nordic lexicographical dictionary

The Nordic Lexicographic Dictionary (NLO) was published in May 1997. A working group within the NFL began work on it in 1992. The dictionary contains definitions of approximately 1,000 lexicographical terms. The dictionary is written in Norwegian, but all terms in the Norwegian lemma list have equivalents in Danish, Finnish, Icelandic, Swedish, Nynorsk, English, French and German, and the book contains indexes for all these languages. Nordic lexicographical dictionary can be ordered from Rikke Hauge