Here you will find various Icelandic language policy documents.

Act on the Status of the Icelandic Language and Icelandic Sign Language (2011)

The law contains i.a. provisions on the status of the Icelandic language, on the language of state and municipalities and on Icelandic subject terminology. Among other things. states that Icelandic is the official language in Iceland, that the language in state and municipalities must be “good, simple and clear”, and calls for a continuous strengthening of Iceland’s subject terminology. for Icelandic Sign Language.

Icelandic in total – proposals of the Icelandic Language Committee for Icelandic language policy (2008)

Íslenska til alls – The Icelandic Language Committee’s proposals for Icelandic language policy were the Icelandic Language Board’s proposal document for an Icelandic language law. It was adopted unchanged in the Althingi on 12 March 2009 as Iceland’s official language policy. The purpose is for Icelandic to be used in all areas of society, and in addition, the law must ensure that Icelandic will continue to be the primary language of communication in Icelandic society in the future.